2013 Show


New: Our Show is set for 8 pm at Trinity Church, Cornwall on November 23, 2013.

We will feature 5 (your eye s are not tricking you, the number is FIVE) quartets, including

perennial favourites, award-winning Adirondack Harmony Company, and Acapellics Anonymous, as well as three new quartets: Duff’s Corners, Perpetual E-motion, and 4 Heaven’s Sake.

James has established a theme of tunes from the 50s 60s and 70s which give us a rich treasure house of music to mine for material.

We are still accepting new members. To give it a try, come to our practices Wednesday evenings. We meet at Trinity Church 6:50 pm to about 9:30, with a break for cookies and coffee. Get in from the parking lot behind the church, off Trinity Avenue, and follow the corridor around to the Second Street side, to the choir room. We are always looking for more male voices.

For more information, contact us: sing@cwaysound.ca or call our Director, James Essex-McIntyre: 613-363-3853

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