May 222014

workshopOntario District Eastern Division Harmony Education Day
Saturday, June 21, 2014, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Registration opens at 8:30 AM

What: This is a day for learning about our great hobby and extending your singing and
performance skills. All ladies and gentlemen with an interest in 4 -part, acappella,
close harmony (aka Barbershop) singing are cordially invited to attend. There will be
classes and coaching, at all levels, of your quartets and choruses. Novices and pick-up
quartets are welcome!

Over the course of the day there will be 4 x 75 minute long class/coaching opportunities.
Some men will have to be part of the CDWI (Chorus Director training workshop) in the

Where: Cornwall Wesleyan Church, 780 Sydney, Cornwall ON, K6H 3J6

Cost: $15/person – includes lunch and coffee breaks
Note: It is free if you are there only for the CDWI chorus [ie no lunch].
Or, Ken Fisher VP-M&P, 519-823-1977

Please register in advance for the day, especially if you are coming as a quartet.
The organizers need to have enough faculty and food on the day. Registration on
the day is fine, however, quartets that register on the day may not get a full schedule
of coaching. Advance payment is not necessary.

Preliminary list of class topics:
– Beginning Directing – aka Director of the Future
– Advanced Directing
– Understanding and Improving Your Voice,
– Basic Music and Barbershop Theory
– Performance Analysis (using DVDs)
– Electronic/Digital Barbershop e-harmony
– Tags, songs and learning about reading music

Apr 042010

Chris Tkac Sr and his son Chris Jr attended our Discover Your Voice sessions last fall and stayed to become members of the chorus. Both sing in the Lead section, and are fast becoming real assets to our sound. Welcome, Chris and Chris!

Photo by Ron's cellphone

The TKacs receive their red Chorus shirts from Assistant Director James.

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Mar 272010

The C-way Sound executive has decided, reluctantly, to postpone the June show to a later date.

President Ron Symington indicated that numerous factors were involved, but the chief reason was that so many members have been away this winter that the show committee felt it was too far behind to do justice to the venue and audience expectations.

A new date will be announced when the executive makes a decision.

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Feb 232010

February 22, 2010: Acapellics Anonymous had a wonderful time performing for patients at the Rehabilitaion unit at Cornwall Community Hospital, Second Street site.

After we sang for the main group, we were requested to sing an encore for the patients at the door as they wheeled by.

Then, at the suggestion of staff, we toured the facility singing for patients unable to move to the Gym, then to others who wanted more. The half-hour gig filled a full hour.

We were followed by one enthusiastic but very slow-moving groupie in a wheelchair for whom we provided a push while she steered.

One prominent member of the Arts community, Ron Sullivan, attended the performance, and appeared quite pleased when we serenaded him in his room.

Here is a link to an article in the CCH Newsletter with a story and video by staffer Carol White of part of our serenade for Ray Thompson, pictured below.

There were lots of photo ops; we’ll post pictures here as they arrive.

Click any photo to see it full-sized.

Photo: Kathryn Essex-McIntyre

James introduces us

Photo: Carol White

AA sings to Ray Thompson

Nov 072009

C-Way Sound is growing, and we’re getting ready to raise the roof this June 5 with a great concert at Aultsville Theatre. Why not get on the bandwagon and hire The Sound or one of our quartets for a special occasion or business function?

Photo: At Aultsville Theatre

Photo: At Aultsville Theatre

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