Dan Sunderland

Dan Sunderland, Lead

Dan Sunderland, Lead

I was raised in a home with music on the radio and records being played all the time. In public school grade 6, I had a teacher who was musically inspiring. She got choirs and trios going. I ate this up. We always competed in the music festival and did a local tour in the community.

I never sang again until I joined the Brockville chapter in ’02 after a guest night. The music was similar to what I heard at home as a youth.
A chord was struck and I never looked back.

I remain involved in many levels of barbershop, I sing with three chapters, am one of the regional coordinators, and take part in sessions as far away as Nashville, Tennesee. Where ever I go in North America I meet friends in the society. I am a multi chapter participant for good reason.

To honor my teacher, my first quartet has sung in the music festival twice in recent years. She is a volunteer coordinator in that organization.

I learned to read music 2 years ago.

In the picture below, you can see me in the top hat, centre, having a great time singing.


Singing has been so good for me.

I love what we do.


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