Doug Hill


Doug Hill: Chorus Lead, AA Baritone

I’m a “do-it” guy. Just as I would rather write than read, or build a set of steps rather than climb it, I’d rather sing than listen to music.

I like the intense feeling of pushing a note so it interacts with the other notes in a chord until it “rings”.

Even before I started singing with C-Way Sound, I was always struck when a band stopped playing and carried the tune There is nothing like the pure sound of voice by itself. In my opinion, pianos that play with choirs are intrusive, often drowning the sound.

One thing I like about our chorus is that, like all other barbershop choruses, we perform without holding sheet music. That way, we can physically express the music, not just with our voices, but with movement. Also, not looking at notes while we sing gives the Director more opportunities to make it interesting by changing the performance mode, because we actually watch him.


The picture above shows one of my favourite places: with those three guys, getting ready to sing.

Although I sing Lead (melody) in the chorus, I sing Bari (Baritone or harmony) in Acapellics Anonymous*. I think of Bari as the French horn of the four part harmony we sing. There are a couple of challenges that quartet baritones have to be ready for. First, Baris are subject to a lot of inside jokes, the first of which is that we get only the leftover notes in a chord (true). The second is that singing Bari can cause brain damage (untrue) because of the weird note twisting that the Bari sings.

What I really like about singing Bari is that it makes me hear the notes around me a whole new way. You would have to do it to understand it.

Scannable Document on Jul 15, 2016, 1_05_42 PMTo the left is text on the cover of my AA scores binder.

The bottom line, though, is that I stay with C-Way Sound for the great A Cappella and the super fun with these friends in our chorus and in our quartet.

I like our Wednesday evening meetings. James organizes them to be productive, flexible and fun. C-Way Sound is a great organization that I am happy to be part of.


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*Note: with the departure of James to Kingston, Acapellics Anonymous is no more. It was a great run. Rob has decided to retire from quartet singing; as a result, Mike and I are looking to find two other guys who can blend with us and have fun. (Should we call the new quartet “Mikey, Crikey”?)

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