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  • as a Fan, you can comment more easily, because your information is added for you.
  • as a Fan, you will be able to attend our Afterglows (Parties after each show with more singing, food and a cash bar).

To join the C-Way Sound Fan Club, just click on “Register” (to the right, not “Subscribe”) and fill out the information.

Once you have joined, you can access your personal profile manager, and comment without having to jump through hoops.

Fan Club Members will occasionally receive a newsletter from C-Way Sound, but we are not slavish about sending these out, so don’t expect a flood of newsletters.

We will try to acknowledge your fan registration, but that depends on how often we check.

If there is enough interest, we will organize activities for Fans.

Privacy Policy:

We will not use your information except as you request; for example, if you ask to receive a newsletter or information about posts, this program will automatically use your email address to send you that information. We will not disclose your information to any other organization, and only our administrator is able to access it.

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