James Essex-McIntyre


James Essex-McIntyre: Chorus Director, Lead, Tenor Acapellics Anonymous Lead, Perpetual E-Motion, Lead

I’ve been involved in music and singing ever since my grade 6 teacher started me in an extra-curricular strings/vocal program and I found it was a wonderful escape.  The conception of the band ‘the nylons’ in the 80’s fascinated me with the purity of voices and what they could do together even without back up instruments.


Perpetual E-Motion in action Ian Loughry (Tenor), James (Lead), Len Matiowski (Bari), Vernon Simpkins (Bass)

Practicality forced me to take electronics in college, but I tirelessly sought out musical groups to sing with, even to the end of getting my high school vocal teacher to allow me to continue on with the high school vocal group.


Acapellics Anonymous: Mike Pearson (Tenor), James (Lead), Robert Lemire (Bass), Doug Hill (Baritone)

Shortly after entering the work force, I stumbled upon a small group of men singing in the lobby of a Brockville Walmart.  I immediately joined and found the 4 part harmony they sang to be just what I had been looking for.  At first, I sang melody and struggled to keep on pitch with all the other parts singing around me, but soon I found that I could actually hear where my note belonged in the blend and from there it was only natural that I worked my way up from struggling newbie, to chorus director.  I have since discovered that the individual choruses is just the tip of the iceberg of BHS (Barbershop Harmony Society).  There are hundreds of choruses across the globe and tens of thousands of members that all meet at conventions, camps and learning opportunities whenever they can to share their knowledge and personal growth experiences

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