John Hamilton


John Hamilton: Chorus Assistant Director, Baritone, Adirondack Harmony Society Baritone

My love of harmony started in early high school when I marveled at the harmony of folk groups like The Kingston Trio, The Brothers Four, Simon and Garfunkel , Ian and Sylvia, Peter Paul and Mary, and the Everly Brothers. 

I then got more interested when I started to sing harmony to some Christmas carols. While still in high school and singing in the school choir, four of us got together and tried to sing some barbershop as we had heard it on shows like The Ed Sullivan Show and Sing along with Mitch. We found a couple of books but we were not too successful and would have benefited from some adult input. 

With that need in mind, our Chorus (C-Way Sound) is ready and willing to help any youth groups that want to explore our craft.

After high school I drifted away from music for a while but when the opportunity presented itself to explore Barbershop harmony I jumped at the chance.

2010-1- Tampa Contest and Gasparilla 005

Adirondack Harmony Society: (Left to Right) Ron Prutzman (Tenor), Lanse Laraway (Lead), Stan Smith (Bass), John Hamilton (Baritone)

Barbershop has been a wonderful experience. I have never been with a more supportive, non-judgmental group of people in my life.  They have made me a better teacher (I taught Math for 34 years) and a better person. As we say at the end of each meeting, “It’s great to be a barbershopper!”


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