Mike Pearson


Mike_crI like to sing, have fun and meet people. Music has helped me do that ever since I was a wee child.

My love of singing probably grows from the fact that my parents were both singers, and I really liked to hear them sing and sing with them.

During my career as an elementary school teacher, I taught music a lot and certainly enjoyed the talent and enthusiasm of the children.

In 1966, when Brian McCartney formed a choir for Canada’s Centennial, I was pleased to join, and have been singing with The Cornwall Centennial Choir for, goodness, a half-century now.

My first Broadway-type musical was Brigadoon, in the early eighties, with Rick Forrester and the Glen. My first choreography gig was also with The Glen, for Bye Bye Birdie.

At the turn of the century, I saw Rick Forrester singing in a quartet, and joined C-Way Sound as a Tenor. I have choreographed many of the Chorus’ songs.

My most recent singing project has been singing the Tenor part in Acapellics Anonymous, which has been a rich experience, particularly with the choreography, so essential for a quartet.

Another reason I like singing on a chorus is the opportunity I get once in a while to talk to the group like this: “I have a cute little story for you. . .” and that is one of my favourite things, too.

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